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Publicize your Group on KSBR

How can KSBR help your organization?
Because of the very limited number of radio and television stations in Orange County, KSBR recognizes the need to provide local non-profit groups with a means to publicize themselves and their activities. To do this, KSBR broadcasts Public Service Announcements (PSAs) throughout the day.

Which organizations does KSBR publicize?
KSBR receives as many as 100 requests every week for publicity on the station. Because of that, KSBR must give priority to some requests over others. Basically, KSBR emphasizes the activities of local non-profit organizations that provide important services to south Orange County residents. Those may also include the activities of local chapters of national organizations (such as the American Red Cross), as well as the non-religious activities of church-sponsored organizations (such as the Episcopal Services Alliance and Second Harvest). Please note that requests for PSAs must come directly from non-profit organizations. We do not accept requests from "for-profit" businesses, even if they are holding fund raisers for a non-profit.

How early should the announcement be sent to KSBR?
The sooner, the better. PSAs are generally opened, sorted, and written at KSBR by 1 or 2 very overworked students/volunteers. The high volume of requests that KSBR receives means that it may take more than a week for an announcement to even be opened! We suggest that you send us your announcement about 6 weeks before an event. The absolute minimum is 3 weeks. If your announcement involves on-going activities, you should send a new announcement every 6 weeks.

What should an announcement include?
You should tell us the name of your group (and if it's not obvious, what it does for the community), the time and date of your event, its location, and a phone number or web address that people can access for more information. You can increase your chances of having an announcement aired if it is already written in a short, simple narrative style that takes no more than about 15-20 seconds to read. We do not accept pre-recorded announcements.

Where should the announcement be sent?
Announcements can be faxed to: (949) 347-9693, they can be mailed to:
28000 Marguerite Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Should KSBR be called to confirm that the announcement has been received or aired?
No! (Please) KSBR is a relatively small student/volunteer operation with no paid staff to handle these types of calls. We understand that your announcement is very important to you, but KSBR simply does not have the personnel or the facilities to handle these calls. All of KSBR's students and volunteers are doing their very best to serve their community, but there is just too much to do! (That should sound familiar to many of you and your own organizations!)

What about "hard news"?
KSBR's news department always appreciates any tips about important local news events occurring in Orange County. Call the KSBR newsroom at (949) 582-4508.

For further information, please contact:
Matt Johnson - PSAs/Contests Coordinator

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