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KSBR News Briefs on Friday Feb. 24, 2017

Videos reviewed in officer's fight with teens

Anaheim’s police chief says videos are being reviewed in the investigation of a confrontation in which an off-duty Los Angeles officer struggling with teens fired a handgun.

Two teens were arrested after Tuesday's incident but the officer wasn’t, leading to a violent protest Wednesday night.

Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada said both teens have since been released and the continuing investigation could lead to charges against any or all who were involved.

Quezada says the incident involved an ongoing dispute between the off-duty officer and youths who walk across his property.

The struggle ensued when the officer tried to detain a teen he alleged had threatened him.


State senator removed from floor during speech

A state lawmaker was removed from the Senate floor after refusing to stop delivering a speech criticizing former Sen. Tom Hayden for his anti-war activism in Vietnam.

Democrats ordered the sergeant at arms to remove Republican Sen. Janet Nguyen from Garden Grove. Nguyen is a refugee from Vietnam and is highly critical of Hayden, who died recently and was honored on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

Nguyen stood and began her speech in Vietnamese before switching to English. Majority Leader Bill Monning from Carmel says she was speaking out of order.


State lawmakers announce bills to protect environment

State lawmakers have announced their first legislative attempt to protect the state's environmental regulations from federal rollbacks.

Senate Democrats say they've introduced a bill to make federal environmental protections part of our state’s law in case Congress repeals them. Other measures seek to impede the sale of federal lands to private developers and protect EPA whistleblowers from losing professional licenses to work in our state.

The Trump administration has called for cuts to the EPA and the elimination of some environmental regulations.

Since the election, lawmakers have vowed to defend our state's liberal policies. They have already introduced bills to strengthen state laws protecting immigrants as the White House has ramped up deportations and attempted to block some immigrants and refugees from entering the country.


500-pound shark caught, released from Huntington Beach

Five men were able to drag a thrashing, 500-pound great white shark back into the water after a fisherman hauled it ashore in Huntington Beach.

Marine Safety Officer Michael Bartlett says the angler was surf casting Tuesday along the shore when he unknowingly reeled in the 8-foot shark. Great whites are illegal to catch, so Bartlett says there was no choice but to get it back in the water.

The men cautiously pushed and pulled the shark — avoiding its teeth — until they managed to get it back into the waves.

Bartlett tells the Orange County Register that in three decades of lifeguarding it's the first time he's seen a great white caught from shore.

The beach wasn't closed but after seeing the shark several surfers decided they'd caught enough waves for the day.


Rancho Santa Margarita

The Rancho Santa Margarita City Council has agreed to expand the underused patio area adjacent to the Bell Tower Regional Community Center.

Mayor Carol Gamble says the Center hosts over 400 events every year, but the patio area isn’t being used.

She says the expansion will occur without relying on taxpayer money. And it will have covered shade areas, outdoor lighting and plants to make it desirable for weddings, birthday parties and functional events.

Construction will occur in several months, with completion anticipated before the year is over.


Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

A Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and Community Challenge has been organized for tomorrow at Melinda Park in Mission Viejo.

Event co-organizer Lillian Chesley says the goal is to promote unity and mutual support between law enforcement and community members. And to counteract the negative media coverage that has shed them in such a poor light.

She says law enforcement officers from various communities have been invited and some of them will speak.

She says at the end of the Acknowledgement Ceremony, black and blue balloons will be exchanged as symbol of release of any tension that may exist.

She says the challenge is for those attending to use social media to post the event as an encouragement to other communities to recognize the importance of law enforcement.

Tomorrow’s event will go on between 11 in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Cars and Technology

Once upon a time, when you went shopping for a new car, you would kick the tires and maybe check to see how well it accelerates on a highway.

But these days, car buyers are more likely to check to see how quickly the car's navigational system boots up — and how quickly it can download stuff. Now that just about all new cars have some built-in technology, experts suggest that before you take the car out for a spin, you spend some time fiddling with the myriad knobs and dials that do everything from handle navigation to display audio options. And it's more than just whether your car can place a hands-free phone call or stream music from your favorite source. Since many cars have features that enable them to avoid accidents, automotive insiders say would-be owners should take the time to figure out what technology a vehicle has — or doesn't have — to help keep you safe.